Guide about how to rule a country: Lesson 1, the communication that huge unknown stuff


Before you start reading my article, you must know a pair of things:

1- I am not a native English speaker, so I want to apologyze if you find any mistake here. In case you find an expression that you don’t understand, feel free to ask me 🙂

2- It find that what happened today in Pl.Catalunya (the Mossos ordered by the conseller, beated the demonstrators who where there peacefully) is really important and for the first time in the history of this blog, I decided to make a extra post in English so that more people can understand what is going on in my country at the moment.

Now that you’ve read my warnings , feel free to read my article.

I think that one of the biggest problems in this country is that most of people dont’ listen.

I’ve got the theory that at least 80% of the tight situations that end up in confrontations, could be solved if we took a little of time trying to know why someone reacted in the way that he/she did. Maybe that way we could find a solution instead of starting a “war”.

Let’s make it clear…

This morning after waking up, as every morning , I read the headlines of the virtual newspapers and the first thing I saw is that the evil Mossos de esquadra (police of Catalonia) beated the demonstrators because they wanted them out.

Shocked due this article and a video attached to it, I decided to get some more information about it, and I was surprise when I discovered that it was a strategy of the conseller to make the demonstrators leave Pl.Catalunya, using as a excuse that tonight  there’s a Barça match and he feared that it may produce violent riots.

I did my best trying to know why for Christ sake the conseller would do something so utterly stupid.

And if I try to get on his shoes , I come to the following conclusions:

– we must make the demonstrators leave Pl.Catalunya in one way or another and as we do it, it must seem that we did it because we do care for the citizen’s sake. They must agree with us when we say that demonstrators are annoying and a bunch of drop outs.

– if we use as an excuse to do that that there’s a Barça’s match tonight, we get as a result that the citizen’s will agree that demonstrators must go out because after the match the people always want to celebrate it in Canaletas and Pl.Catalunya, and as everybody knows, football is something sacred in our country so… we’ve got the perfect argument to take the demonstrators the hell outta here.

– Since everybody dislike the mossos, I’m gonna order them to do the dirty job of taking the demonstrators away. Thus in case that the people don’t agree with my idea, the mossos will carry with the can.

But what was supposed to be an excellent strategy (according to this pal) ended up being a huge mistake, because:

1- The people who were going to the Barça’s match decided to go to Pl.Espanya so that they won’t annoy and wouldn’t be annoyed by the demosntrators, when they would celebrate the end of the match.

2- The demonstrators (and I can confirm it because this week I strolled through Pl.Catalunya) are clean, don’t annoy the other people not even try to convince the people to sit down with them. They respect everyone and let the people walk through.

3- If the conseller wanted to take them away from Pl.Catalunya there’s a pair of things that he could’ve done to solve the problem in a not so silly way:

a) Don’t let the demonstrators camp in Pl.Catalunya (don’t let them start). But that’s illegal.

b) Since there are  hundreds of demonstrators in other cities in Spain, I would have spoken to the spokesman of the demonstrators so that we can negotiate a solution together. Maybe they would not get all what they wanted, but at least they would realize that there’s someone listenning to them on the other side and thus they wouldn’t be so frustrated.

In my opinion frustration is the previous step to rage… and in this case the rage of the demonstrators could mean a revolution .

But as usually this chap (as every “good” Spanish politician) did what he felt like, and as a result he got the other way round of what he wanted:

1- he made the policemen and the demonstrators fight with eacht other. If you attack someone you’re offering him the chance to hit you back… that’s to say you’re opening the doors to a violent confrontation…

2- due this confrontation, there’s more angry people and as a result the number of demonstrators has increased.

3- he made that the people wants him to resing from his post.

If there’s something that I’ve actualy learnt from NLP, it’s that communication is the key to be in peace with oneself. Before you attack someone, try to find why this person acted this way, thus is easier that you understand his/her reactions and that you can find a solution together.

I think that it would be nice to have a communication subject in school. People need to learn it, at least in my country.


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